More than 60 Years of Service to the D.C. Area

Officially started in 1956, the William B. Hopke Co traces its roots back through projects at Bolling/Andrews AFB, the Pentagon, Ft Belvoir, through the Great Depression to Fairmont WV in the 1920s. Currently, the company is in its third generation of family management.

The 60’s marked a period of unprecedented growth for the company. Roads and sewers for Fairfax County and City of Alexandria were a few of its major projects, as well as various projects for the Southern Railroad. The 70’s saw continued growth and prosperity. Clean water initiatives gave rise to opportunities for sewer and water work for the company. Work for developers and general contractors was mixed with the traditional public sector work. A major project of this decade was Sterling Park. The 80’s and 90’s were notable for a rapid rise in office construction projects for Hopke across Northern Virginia. A significant project during this era was Kingstowne mixed use development.

The Millennium has brought growth to the company, especially in the urban residential market. We have partnered with key earthmoving contractors in the area to provide total site development. Expanding geographically into Maryland and Washington, D.C. has allowed the company to service its customers in all parts of the D.C. market. The company continues to work with general contractors, developers and home builders in every type of ongoing construction project.

After more than 60 years of service to the D.C. area, William B. Hopke Company brings an experienced team to local projects to service its customers with quality work.